Residential Solar

When you decide to “Go Green” you have a choice, a rooftop full of panels that take away from the design and beauty of your home (as shown in the picture as #2) or install a limited number of panels (as shown in the picture as #1) along with Solar and the Lithium Ion Battery Backup Generator, SAS-SolarBackupGenerator (as shown in the picture as #3).

A single  SAS-SolarBackupGenerator™ comes in 10 and 20 kW residential installations.  The 10 kW is enough for an large 3000-5000 sq. ft. house.   The package includes all installation.  At an installed net price of a fraction of that price the SAS-SolarBackupGenerator makes sense.

With the SAS-SolarBackupGenerator you have a choice to be free of electric utility bills forever!