Commercial Solar


Commercial property owners face tremendous challenges in their desire to “Go Green”.  They want to help the environment but not at the expense of the bottom line.  Solar is expensive and the available rooftop space may not provide enough room to make a significant change in their electric utility expense.  Also a major consideration is the damage that solar panels can cause the roof and the access to make repairs.

Now there is a solution…Solar power with the most advanced lithium ion battery and backup generation.  Each commercial installation is designed in multiples of 60kW for ease of installation.  Multiple unitscan be configured to meet any size commercial installations.


Now “Going Green” makes sense for any commercial installation.  By decreasing expenses commercial property owners increase the value of their property with higher CAP rates.

Now you can be good to the environment and your bottom line at the same time!

Pictured is a 180 kW installation that consists of 3 lithium ion backup genrators.